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At Wingmen, our number one goal is to help as many single New Zealanders get into happy, longer lasting relationships. We know that everyone is different, so rather than have you read an Ebook or numerous dating articles, Wingmen is the only dating service in Auckland, or New Zealand, that will come and help you in person with dating advice every step of the way.

We’re not a regular dating agency. Wingmen is your support, sidekick and dating coach Auckland men and women can call on to build confidence and skills to increase their chances of finding a suitable partner. Whether it be with online dating or in person, no other dating service will work harder to help YOU find love. We can do everything from running your dating profile to choosing your wardrobe.

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“Wingmen were an amazing help to my love life. I would recommend using their services to anyone serious about getting into a happy relationship”


Greg, 36 Auckland

Custom Made Profiles

Our dating coach can help you create a more attractive online profile and provide advice and the best online dating sites to use.


It’s hard to find the right photos that capture the best aspects of your personality. Let our online dating experts sort that for you.

Conversation Skills

Want to be confident, engaging, and successful in the online dating world? We’ll work with you to make your online banter sparkle, and we’ll look at what not to say.

Personal Styling

We can help you look and feel fantastic and set you up with best advice for successful, fun, safe dates in Auckland.


We have other tips and advice that will set you apart from the competition, such as physique training, cooking, gift and great date ideas Auckland locals won’t even know about.

Most people find talking about their love life and dating experiences super awkward, especially to their family and friends. Using Wingmen’s professional dating advice service makes this much easier as everything is kept confidential and honest. If you’ve had bad luck on dating apps or dating websites for a while, there may be simple changes and steps you can make to increase your success and see results in little than a week. Get in touch with us now. We’re the dating coach Auckland men and women come to for help and successful dating tips.

Wingmen’s services are not just for singles; we also help those already in relationships. Whether you’ve just started dating or you’re 30 years married, we can help with building a stronger partnership between you and your loved one. Talk to us about great date night ideas in Auckland for couples.

Wingmen’s professional dating and relationship service is currently open to the Auckland region. If you live outside of Auckland, please feel free to get in touch to see if we can still help. After all, Love has no bounds.

“I’ve always found it hard talking to my friends about online dating, so I was glad when I found out about Wingmen. I was so surprised by how much they knew about relationships and first dates but I’m glad, as my dating life has improved dramatically since meeting with them. Couldn’t be more thankful!


Sarah, 33 Auckland 

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a wingman can help when you’re trying to get a date. Wingmen are there to make you look good.  And we’re the Wingmen Auckland men and women call on for tips, confidence and advice on how to find love.

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