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The Wingmen service provides everything you would need to be ready for the dating scene. Even if you’ve never tried online dating before, once you have met with a Wingmen member and heard some of the great dating advice they have to offer, you will be fully confident about going out and meeting that special someone.

Your first step is to meet with a Wingmen dating coach so we can discuss your needs and goals, then we tailor a package according to what you need help with from the options below.

The Wingmen Service includes:

Dating Advice

Custom made Honest dating profiles to bring out the best of your personality.

When you meet up with your date, it’ll be a lot smoother and more fun knowing you can just be yourself. Throughout conversation, your date will know you have been honest from the start and will trust you easier making repeated dates more likely.

Online Dating Auckland

High quality photos that stand out

First impressions are everything. Not only do we take the photos for you, we will suggest photo ideas that will be seen as attractive to potential matches and a lot more engaging than other profiles.

Dating Help NZ

Personal mock date experience with Female/Male consultant

Obtain valuable feedback from one of our consultants with a mock date. Avoid costly mistakes and gain valuable insights into creating the best dating experience for you and your date.

Dating Service Auckland

Impressive opening first liners

After we know a bit about you, we will give you tips for your opening line that will hugely increase replies from your match and will lead into interesting conversations. These will work perfectly alongside the photos we take for you.

Dating Service Auckland

Interesting conversation tips that are engaging and fun

No one likes to be stuck in a boring conversation. We’ll give you tips on the Do’s and Don’ts when flirting between messages and most importantly, how to ask them out successfully on a date. We then go over conversation topics to talk about on dates, building the right amount of humour and how to compliment your date properly.

Dating Service Auckland

Personal styling options with outfits and grooming

We provide simple styles and outfits that both men and women find attractive. These will be tailored to bring out your best features and make you feel a lot more confident on your dates. Do not be surprised when you get flooded with compliments.

Online Dating Service

Amazing date ideas that are easy and affordable

Every date is different. We know the perfect options for all of them, whether it’s the first or fifth date. The first date is heavily based on conversation, so loud bars, movie theatres etc. should be avoided. We suggest ideas that will come across meaningful, romantic and super easy to say yes to without breaking the bank.

Dating Profile

Thoughtful gift ideas

We believe this is one of our strongest qualities of service. Once we have learnt enough about your date, we can work with you to provide the best gifts possible that will wildly impress them. We aren’t talking about expensive jewelry; anyone can buy that with enough money. We suggest gifts that they will feel as priceless tokens of appreciation.

This is an amazing option for those already in relationships with up and coming anniversaries, birthdays etc.

Things To Do In Auckland For Couples

Date bookings, transport options and Restaurant recommendations

After all the hard work in convincing someone out on a date, the last thing you want is for them to cancel due to convenience issues. We will help you become more prepared on this so that your date kicks off smoothly.

Good Dating Advice

Easy to follow delicious dinner recipes for stay at home cooking dates

Everyone loves to be spoiled in the kitchen. Whether you’re a man or woman, treating the other to a home-cooked meal can lead to a magical night in. We will provide you with easy-to-follow recipes, and for those who choose, we can provide a practical cooking night, in person, to show you exactly what to do to impress your date.

Dating Tips and Advice

Personal training options and nutrition advice

If you’re wanting fitness and health advice to boost confidence and look extra good for your date, we will provide all you need from exercises you can do at home or the gym and nutritional information tailored to your body type for faster results.

Wingmen members have years of experience in the fitness scene and if you would like, an optional training demonstration at your local gym, that can be arranged to show you exactly what to do.

Best Date Ideas Auckland

Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly follow ups to ensure a successful outcome

Unlike other services that offer dating advice, Wingmen is the only service that will follow up with you as much as you would like. We offer personal meet ups, phone calls and anything else to help you succeed in finding your perfect partner. We will go over what went well on the date, what did not and give dating advice on how to improve so you get a better outcome on the next date out in Auckland.

Where to Go Out in Auckland

We’re not just a dating agency.

Wingmen is your support, your sidekick and font of great dating advice. We’ll help you help find love.

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