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Wingmen are Auckland dating guides for men and woman

We’ve helped single people with online dating advice and we’ve helped Auckland couples who are looking for gift and date night ideas. We help find love and keep it.

See what some of the people we’ve helped have had to say about our dating tips, support and guidance.

“The amount of work they put into helping me, showed they really cared about my success. I’m now in a happy relationship and couldn’t thank them more!”

Callum, 27 Auckland

“Wingmen were an amazing help to my love life. I would recommend using their services to anyone serious about getting into a happy relationship”

Greg, 36 Auckland

“I didn’t know how much I could improve on when it came to online dating. I’m so glad I used Wingmen as they taught me so many things I didn’t know I was doing wrong. I’m now a lot more confident and also happy to say I’m back in a relationship.”

Phillip, 48 Auckland

“I’ve always found it hard talking to my friends about online dating, so I was glad when I found out about Wingmen. I was so surprised by how much they knew about relationships and first dates but I’m glad, as my dating life has improved dramatically since meeting with them. Couldn’t be more thankful!”

Sarah, 33 Auckland

“I loved how much thought they put into helping me. From the photos, to the follow up conversations on how my date went. I greatly recommend Wingmen to anyone on dating apps to give them a try.”

Elena, 29 Auckland

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It’s a fact,

a wingman can help you look good on a date. And we’re the wingmen Auckland men and women call when they want dating guides. We help with tips and advice on how to find love and keep it.

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