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Dating tips from your wingman

Online dating was something that New Zealand and other countries frowned upon years ago. Now with everything going online, dating is no longer unusual.

Online dating has been growing with exposure due to the popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, which could introduce you to that special someone with just the swipe of your thumb. It’s especially popular for those whose personal lives or careers may not leave much time to find a suitable partner.

The other thing about online dating is that people feel more comfortable talking to someone over txt rather than in person, like they had to 10 years ago. Some of the reasons for this is the use of mobile phones.


Many people’s social skills seem have slowly diminished because everyone is communicating through txt and no longer through phone calls or face to face. We see a lot of examples of this with the younger generation.

Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix are some examples of why people will stay home a lot more than they used to. The chances of meeting someone at a bar or party in Auckland are becoming more and more slim, which is why most people have no choice but to sign up for online dating.


The problem here is, once they get conversations flowing through texts and get lucky enough to meet up with the other for a date, it all goes downhill from there. That date may be the first social outing they’ve had in months and they have no idea how to keep conversations going because they’ve discussed almost everything already over txt. There are also no Gifs, funny memes or videos you can send mid conversation to make a joke… It all comes down to your personality and skills right then and there. This is one of the reasons the date goes super awkward and fails for a second date.

Here are some dating tips from the Wingmen team to remember once you get the match

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These are just 3 dating tips that the Wingmen Service can offer you to increase your chances of having a long-term relationship. Everything we teach and advise are practical things that we have learned from successful and non-successful relationships. If you would like to hear more, get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We’d love to help!

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