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Why call on a wingman?

Have you given up on finding the love of your life? We hope you haven’t.

Wingmen truly believe everyone has someone special out there waiting for them, our job is to help you find them.

Have you already tried dating sites and nothings worked so far?

That must be frustrating. However, Wingmen know the ins and outs of every dating site; we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online conversations and ultimately, how to keep long lasting relationships going. Not only that, we will give you help with dating and the entire process that comes after that… growing the relationship into an amazing partnership between you and that special someone.

Are you currently paying hundreds of dollars a year to dating sites but are still yet to find a suitable partner?

You are not alone here; many others are in the same boat. We still feel Online dating is a great way to meet potential partners, but the sites themselves don’t offer any help with dating; they leave everything up to you. To get a successful date, you have to do everything by yourself. Wingmen is the only dating service available where you will actually meet with someone passionate about help with dating and getting you into a relationship. And we will continue to help till you succeed.

Dating sites can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year in wasted results. For a fraction of that investment, Wingmen will help you master online dating and build confidence in the field of romance. These skills will last for many years, which to some is priceless.

We can help

Custom Made Profiles

Our dating coach can help you create a more attractive online profile and provide advice and the best online dating sites to use.


It’s hard to find the right photos that capture the best aspects of your personality. Let our online dating experts sort that for you.

Conversation Skills

Want to be confident, engaging, and successful in the online dating world? We’ll work with you to make your online banter sparkle, and we’ll look at what not to say.

Personal Styling

We can help you look and feel fantastic and set you up with best advice for successful, fun, safe dates in Auckland.

Where to Go Out in Auckland

We’re not just a dating agency.

Wingmen is there for help with dating, support, encouragement and great dating advice. We’ll help you help find love.

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