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Having a conversation with a near stranger can be hard at the best of times for most people, let alone someone you are interested in. Now throw in the fact that you’re talking to this person online. No body language queues, no eye contact, no signals or signs, just plain old text. In this instance it can be difficult to gauge what the other person is really thinking and feeling, while there is an exchange of messages.

It’s not impossible to have a meaningful conversation online though, you just have to know how to engage with your audience, the audience being the person on the other side of your messages. I’ve collated a few tips on how to really stand out from the other messages, because let’s be real for a moment, you are not going to be the only person they receive a message from, but you can certainly stand out from the others if you take on board just a couple of these tips.

Really look at their profile and find something in their pictures that you are confident in talking about and that you have in common, whether they are throwing a rugby ball and you enjoy watching the All Blacks – Your question to them could be about the game, such as “I’m hoping you caught the All Blacks game on the weekend because how great was that try by XXX?” or they could be an outdoor person, the same as you, and you could open up with “If you could hike/bike etc anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? These types of questions are thought provoking and engaging.