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Is Online dating Safe?

Long story short, yes it is. People have always been notified and reminded more and more about when things go wrong with Online dating, but fail to remember the thousands of success stories that come from it.

With the unfortunate and terrible Murder that happened to Grace Milane in New Zealand this month, is has brought up the question of whether Online Dating is still safe. Many have said it’s not the Dating apps fault (Tinder) but solely the Person committing the terrible act themselves. To this point I must agree.

How to stay safe when meeting someone through Online dating?

Some tips include telling a close friend or family member that you’re going on a date, meeting at public places and always having your mobile phone on you. Keep an eye on your drink at all times and order it yourself when possible from a bar.  Having a first date at yours or the others home should be avoided.

There is no future proof way to separate those using these apps and sites to do evil crime, only that you remain vigilant and aware of everything happening on the date. Much like the statistics of plane crashes, the worst outcomes are a super small percentage of the success stories and in my opinion, Online dating is still the best way to date in 2018.