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Does Valentines day increase the use of Online Dating?

Of course. A few days before Valentines day you could expect a huge spike in the number of people scrambling to Tinder and Bumble as a last resort to try and get a date before February 14th. The engagement for that day doesn’t just end there.

It also helps that Bumble just aired a Superbowl ad a week before Valentines day which has resulted on more Women using the App.

Studies have shown that people still vigorously use the apps after spending the day Single on Valentines day. They hope to attract someone and share a lonely Valentines day story as a mutual laugh over a date. Nothing breaks the ice better on a first date than both of you taking the piss out of yourselves.

People should be taking advantage of this holiday as its one of the biggest spikes in Online dating. This includes new photos, and a more intersting Bio to stand out from the crowd.

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