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This is a question that comes up often and it really comes down to the person using it and what you’re wanting to get out of it. All of them have a particular demographic and once you understand that, it makes it easier to choose the right one for you.

Let’s start with Elite Singles, this online dating site is more tailored to the 30+. The main thing to consider with Elite Singles is that you will only get the best out of it if you pay for the upgraded service. Because of that, if you message someone that hasn’t paid for it, then they can’t reply. However, this way of online dating does rule out anyone that isn’t absolutely serious so that’s a huge plus for this site.

One that’s New Zealand owned is Find Someone – this one is similar to Elite Singles in regards to having better access to its services and features when you pay for it, although it’s not as restrictive. The demographic for Find Someone is one of the vastest, with the main users ranging from 25 through to 50+.

Tinder, this app exploded onto the seen a few years ago and really changed the online dating scene, both positively and negatively, we’ll talk about the positive and negatives more in-depth in another post. How Tinder works, you swipe right to like someone, and if they have done the same then it’s a match, once you have matched with someone you can message them freely and don’t have to pay to do so. Due to this it is very much catered to the 18 – 35s demographic.

Another main dating app that has popped up on the scene is Bumble. This app is very much like Tinder but with one major difference, only females can send the first message, once that first message has been sent then recipient then has 24 hours to respond, once the recipient has responded then there are no longer any restrictions on the conversation. This feature has created their demographic to be more 25 – 40-year olds.